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We do not have a turning point, a mesmerizing story of how we left our big shot corporate jobs and started our business, We always knew our creative souls and have been flowing with it since we can remember. It's the creativity that brought two of us together.Our work gives us joy and sense of fulfillment, it makes us fall in love with it all over again every time we have a happy couple.

Though we are rooted in NY and mainly serve  North East USA, but our love for travel, and appreciation from clients have made us travel as far as Scotland, Italy, London, Spain, India and many US states.

Our passion is to document every wedding as unique it is, and bring our client's imagination to life. Be it on the  beach or in a desert. We are willing to travel to any corner of the world for a piece of yummy wedding cake.

If you want to re-live your wedding long after you were a bride/groom, We'd love to get you in front of our cameras. We can promise one thing that you will have memories to cherish for the generations to come.

Feel free to email us at

If writing is not your cup of tea,  You can reach us at following 

Mohibba Fatima # 347-788-2261                           

Mehul Joshi # 518-542-8749

Capturing Life as it happens...

Wedding, Newborn , Lifestyle Photography.

Wedding cinematography coming soon...

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