Indian Wedding Photographers Syracuse NY: MARS Photography

For us Indian wedding photographers, Syracuse NY presents an unending supply of photo opportunities we can’t wait to take advantage of. MARS Photography is our team of experienced Indian wedding photographers in Syracuse New York, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got.


Our style of wedding Photography leans towards photojournalism. We’d love to tell the story of a beautiful Indian wedding through pictures that accurately portray the vibrant colors. We are also informal Indian wedding photographers in Syracuse NY who love to blend in with our surroundings. We’ve found that it is this that makes room for more naturally driven shots for your wedding album.

With MARS Photography, you can expect timeless portraits of you, your partner and your loved ones. Leave it to us to showcase your wonderful wedding day. It doesn’t matter if you’re into traditional or modern Photography – we do both!

MARS Photography: Indian Wedding Photographers, Syracuse NY

As Indian wedding photographers in Syracuse NY, we love shooting in the area. Even if you wish to carry out your shoot further, MARS Photography is willing to go the extra mile. Talk to us and we can begin working on creating the best wedding album for you.

Phone: (518) 542-8749


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