Indian Wedding Photographers Albany NY: MARS Photography

MARS Photography is a small team of Indian wedding photographers Albany NY houses. We love and appreciate Indian weddings just as much as the next Indian and so strive to capture the essence of Indian weddings. Allow us to have a special role in your Indian wedding and we will capture the vibrancy your wedding has to offer.

When we look at the Indian bride and groom, we see an unending list of photo opportunities – ones that may someday hang proudly in your future home. MARS Photography takes pride in having Indian roots and utilizes this to provide an authentic Indian interpretation of an Indian wedding. We’re also aware of what is supposed to happen and prepare accordingly.


MARS Photography, Indian wedding photographers in Albany NY, has a simple approach to taking wedding Photography. We capture real emotions of the bride and groom, as well as everyone present, and turn them into pictures worth keeping for the rest of your life.

Our style of Photography is photojournalism. This goes hand in hand with our unobtrusive approach to wedding Photography. What this means for the bride, groom, family and guests is that us Indian wedding photographers will be there to take natural-looking photographs of the events that unfold in your Albany NY wedding.

Whether you like traditional or modern Photography, MARS Photography can create timeless photographs in the way you want. Simply discuss with us beforehand so we are informed about your likes and dislikes.

MARS Photography: Indian Wedding Photographers, Albany NY

Having a wedding in Albany NY? MARS Photography is extremely familiar with shooting in Albany NY and Upstate New York. Give us a call if you are interested in all that we have to offer. Even if you wish to have your shoot someplace further, MARS Photography is happy to go the extra mile for the perfect wedding location.

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