Aarangetram Dance Recital - MARS Fotographi

Arangetram is a word in the Tamil language, which means the etram or ascending of the arangu or performance stage by a dancer, on the completion of her training. Arangetram is the first public performance, which takes place in the presence of critics, fellow artists, family and friends. Arangetram takes place only after the student (artist) has acquired a substantial and qualitative high standard repertoire. According to historians the word.  

After the arangetram (Stage or podium debut) the dancer can perform alone and he or she can also give training to others. It is necessary that before they can take upon the task of teaching, they should have a good understanding of music and other aspects of dance. The learning process does not end at Arangetram. Students still go to their teacher to learn more and this process of learning is basically never ending.

We had privilege to cover this beautiful dance recital which is part of ancient Indian dance tradition. It has its roots in Indian mythology. Pooja, Anjuli & Niranjana gave brilliant dance performance. Here are selected few from the event depicting grandeur and royale of the event. 


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